Kangaroo Island Kangaroo

SPECIES: Macropus giganteus

Standing at 1.5-2m tall, Kangaroo Island (KI) Kangaroos are a subspecies of the mainland Western Grey Kangaroo. KI Kangaroos are dark-brown in colour, with dark-brown to black paws and feet. They are a robust species, but smaller than their mainland cousins.


Kangaroo Island Kangaroos are herbivorous, feeding on a diet of grass and vegetable matter.

Social organisation and Reproduction

Like other Kangaroo species, Kangaroo Island Kangaroos live in mobs consisting of a dominant male, several adult females and subordinate males, and joeys. During the middle of the day, mobs will rest in the shade in grasslands, feeding in the early morning and evening. The dominant male will mate with the females in his mob, and fight other males who challenge him. Females give birth to a single, embryonic joey which crawls into the pouch and develops there for approximately 8 months. Joeys then leave the pouch and travel on foot by their mother’s side, learning how to fend for themselves and be aware of their surroundings.


Kangaroo Island Kangaroo




1.5-2m tall




Kangaroo Island Kangaroos are only found on Kangaroo Island, an island off the south-coast of South Australia. They prefer open grasslands and dry sclerophyll forests.

Did You Know?

Due to a lack of predators on Kangaroo Island, KI Kangaroos are the slowest moving Kangaroo Species.

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