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When you support Australian Wildlife Parks financially, you’re helping to fund the conservation of endangered species, contribute to constant improvements to animal welfare, enable research, and promote wildlife education.

Your donations help make possible conservation efforts aimed at preserving biodiversity and restoring endangered species in Australia and around the world. We are dedicated to safeguarding the future of our planet's wildlife; together with our partners and supporters, we strive to create a world where humans and animals coexist harmoniously, respecting and cherishing the natural world for generations to come.

You can support us with a one-off donation, a regular monthly payment, or if you’re truly passionate about conserving our natural world for future generations why not leave a bequest to Australian Wildlife Parks in your will.

A bequest can be in the form of a fixed amount, known as a pecuniary bequest, a percentage bequest, or a residual bequest – the remainder of your estate once all your other beneficiaries have been paid out.

A bequest is a beautiful way of ensuring that what you worked hard for is continuing to make a difference for the better even when you’re gone.

For a bequest to be legally binding, it’s important that you speak to your solicitor and have it written into your will.

Our wildlife parks and the animals that call them home appreciate your generosity. We have some special ways to preserve your memory and pay respect to the positive impacts you’ve contributed to.

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Australian Wildlife Parks acknowledges Aboriginal people as the traditional custodians of the land on which our offices and operations are located, and we pay our respects to Elders past, present and emerging.

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