Cotton Top Tamarins are recognisable by their mottled gray-brown shoulders, back and rump. The hair on the back of their thighs and the base of their tail is red-brown and they have a fan of long, white hair on their heads. Their nails are claw like.


Cotton Top Tamarins have fragmented populations in Northwest Colombia


They are an omnivore; eating large amounts of insects, fruit and plant matter, tree sap, gum, nectar, small reptiles and nuts


Cotton Top Tamarins practice monogamous breeding systems where mating only occurs between the dominant male and female. Breeding is seasonal occurring from January to June. Fathers assist with births and carry the young when not being nursed by the mother. Sub-adults will assist in carrying and caring for young

Social structure

They are a social animal, living in small family groups of up to 15, usually consisting of a dominant breeding pair. Unique cooperative structure allowing sub-adults to gain breeding experience by assisting the dominant pair raise young, before breeding themselves


Habitat loss due to deforestation for agriculture and pasture. Illegal pet trade