In Australia, one can encounter the Little Penguin, which is recognised as the smallest penguin species on earth. The opportunity to interact with these charming marine creatures is available through our new Penguin Encounter. A friendly Penguin Keeper will greet you and lead you into the Penguin Enclosure, where you will have the chance to hand feed the penguins their delectable morning tea of pilchards. This experience is truly remarkable and is a must-do for all bird enthusiasts. Explore the world’s smallest penguin, the Little Penguin, at Featherdale Sydney Wildlife Park. Engage with these charming marine creatures in the new Penguin Encounter, led by a friendly Penguin Keeper. A must-do for bird enthusiasts! $150 for the first guest, and add a second guest for an additional $100. (Save $50 on the 2nd Guest)

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