Get close to our young Koalas in the Featherdale Koala Kindy

During our Koala Kindy Encounter, you will enjoy a unique and memorable experience, including exclusive access to Featherdale‚Äôs koala enclosures. One of the highlights of the encounter will be the opportunity for guests to help the keepers place the koalas’ daily diet of Eucalyptus leaves into the feeding pots, before enjoying a private interaction with these fascinating creatures. This interaction will be an essential part of the koalas’ conditioning training, and guests will play a role in assisting the keepers with this process. Every encounter session includes one 6″ x 9″ print and a digital download code for the printed image.

The encounter will finish with guests taking a seat within the enclosure to relax, while watching the koalas enjoy the leaf they have just been given. Guests will be able to take videos and photos throughout the encounter. $150 for the first guest, and add a second guest for an additional $100. (Save $50 on the 2nd Guest)

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