A unique and up close through the lense experience

Our Wildlife Photography courses are conducted by professional photographer, June Andersen, at the Featherdale ZOOm Learning Centre at Mogo

Mogo Wildlife park offers a unique opportunity to get up close to some apex predators in a setting akin to their natural habitats.  Amateur and hobby photographers will love the opportunities and insights which are a part of the one day ZooM course.

The course runs over 1 full day where participants enjoy access to the park prior to its opening to the public.

The course includes:

Early access to Mogo Wildlife Park before it opens to the public to take advantage of early morning light

Guidance from June for entire time

Comprehensive computer session on optimising images

Course notes

Commentary by park staff

  What to bring?

  • Camera and lenses
  • Extra battery and battery charger
  • Memory cards
  • Laptop for computer session

An email will be sent to participants 10 days prior to their course, advising meeting times and any other additional information that may be required.

June Andersen: June is a professional nature photographer and has her studio in Jervis Bay, NSW, where she teaches digital photography, fine art printing and framing. June’s images appear on numerous websites and are extensively used by National Parks Australia. Her career as an educator in the visual arts profession extends over 30 years and she is highly respected both in Australia and overseas. June has had a long standing collaboration with Mogo Wildlife Park having taught this course to thousands of happy photographers over the last couple of decades.  Her ability to teach, her love of nature and her passion for photography will make this an unforgettable experience for any nature lover.

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