Our Emperor Tamarin, or Moustached Monkeys as we affectionately call them around the park, are one of our most gentle and sweetest primates in our care. These little monkeys really take their mustache game seriously! They have a beautiful friendly nature and will happily greet you with their unique chirps and whistles as they climb down to your shoulders and enjoy a snack. Our four boys, Rufus, Oli, Javi and Iker are just a little skittish, so we suggest that you’re relaxed, still and quiet to make them feel secure and comfortable. Try not to wear anything too brightly coloured, as this might put them on edge. Our Emperor Tamarin up close encounters usually go around 15- 20 minutes depending on how relaxed and engaged our Tamarins are around you. Book early to avoid disappointment.  Emperor Tamarin Encounters are held daily at 10:30am

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