SPECIES: Arcticitis Benturong

Binturongs, with their prehensile tails, dark fur, and mysterious demeanor, appear almost mythical, evoking a sense of enchantment and intrigue. Binturongs are usually gentle animals, provided they don't feel threatened or harassed. If you get close enough to our Binturong 'Boogle', you may notice he smells a lot like buttered popcorn. His scent glands create this unusual smell and are something Binturongs are best known for.

Binturongs are solitary animals, usually only seeking out another Binturong for mating.


Binturongs are omnivorous and eat small mammals, birds, insects, as well as fruits.


If you'd like to learn more about these intriguing animals, Personal Binturong Encounters are available at Mogo Wildlife Park and Hunter Valley Wildlife Park.




N/A Binturongs are a solitary animal

Native To


60-90 cm




Binturongs like Boogle live in the canopies of tall, dense, tropical forests. They require thick vegetation, both in the trees and on the ground.

Did You Know?

Binturongs can rotate their wrists 180degrees to help with gripping onto the trees whilst climbing down.

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